Excuse The Mess & More

Artist Lydia Richez-Bowman poses with her art. She made the trip from Bismarck and was happy with the display and most impressed by The Arts Center – 2/15/14

I just wanted to make you aware that if you come to The Arts Center between now and March 6 we are a bit messy…its just the nature of the job sometimes. The gallery walls are getting refurbished and repainted, something we hadn’t planned on quite so soon but our wonderful North Dakota fluctuating temperature and humidity was causing some issues. We finally had the opportunity to get them fixed and they will be better than ever before the next exhibit opens on March 6.

Gallery walls get a facelift – 2/19/14

Not only are the gallery walls getting some work, but the stage/theatre portion of the gallery is also getting some updates. Thanks to a generous donation from Charlotte Hansen and others the performance area is now referred to as the “Hansen Stage” and is outfitted with specialized lighting, sound and camera equipment. These improvements will enable us to not only enhance the in-house audience experience but can even extend our programs to offsite audiences through the internet.

The “art” of crate packing.

Finally the lobby has become my temporary work station as I pack-up the Creative Spirits exhibition. I’m amazed at the comments I’ve received–people like seeing “behind the scenes” getting a glimpse at the other side of exhibition work. Unpacking exhibits is fun–like Christmas–repacking, not so much. This one was particularly difficult…”I know those artworks all came out of that crate but, dang it!, they don’t seem to all want to fit back in.” My co-workers probably heard some of my “vocalizations” as I packed and repacked. Finally it all came together, its documented with photos and descriptions to insure that the next gallery manger won’t have the same problem–lucky for them.

And all this is happening during a “Gala week” – Saturday is our annual fundraiser. Lots of work for everyone involved and impossible without many hard-working volunteers. I’m looking forward to the event, its “fashion forward” theme of Leather and Lace sounds edgy, arty and fun–what more can you ask for?

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