Picassos In Our Midst

Girl Before A Mirror By Pablo Picasso

I just had to share these wonderful paintings.

I came to work this morning and was greeted by this wonderful display of Picasso wannabes. The images are amazing, all created in our Arts After School Program by students in grades 3,4,5. The current session is titled Painting Through History. Resident artist, Anna Jacobson, teaches students the history of painting by introducing them to the art and style of master artists like Picasso. Jacobson said that the students were especially motivated and inspired by the work of Picasso and carefully created their own double faced portraits. They didn’t simply copy Picasso’s work, but assimilated his style.

You never know from day to day or session to session which activities will engage the students’ attention. I cannot say whether it was Picasso’s bright colors, geometry, dismantling of form or the exercise of a painting a non traditional portrait that captured the students attention.  But I’d like to say that, perhaps, leaving reality aside and given freedom to use abstraction, the students’ creativity was able to flourish.

The Arts After School Program offers classes throughout the school year in painting, drawing, sculpture, book arts, printmaking and more. The program is for students in grades 3-5 with transportation from school and to home. Registration and payment for these classes is done on our website.  Upcoming winter offerings listed below still have open slots. Give your child or grandchild the gift of freedom to create by signing them up for one of the upcoming sessions.

November 25 – December 19 (17 days), Cost $77.00
Calling all young Rembrants! Get ready to think forwards, backwards and in reverse as we create our own prints. We will be printing with many different printmaking methods including relief and intaglio.

January 6 – 24 (14 days), Cost $65
During the weeks ahead we will be creating different animal creatures using our drawing, painting and sculpting skills.

January 27 – February 13 (14 days), Cost $65
Learn how to create all the colors of the rainbow. Students will be working with different color mediums from oil pastels, paints to paper.