A Fun & Funky Art Hunt Scheduled This Weekend

Do you remember the mini-art hunts organized by Jamestown Arts Center’s resident artist William Hessian (aka Mr. Billy)? He hid his artworks and released photographic clues to help people locate them. If you found the art you got to keep it. The “hunts” are terrific fun for all ages.  In past years, whole families have participated to decifer the clues and locate the art.

This year we don’t have Mr. Billy but we’re carrying on the tradition.  Another “Bill” – local ceramic artist Bill Nybo agreed to create 10 original, miniature-masks to be used for this unique, hide & seek art hunt.

These Mini-Masks by Jamestown artist Bill Nybo will be hidden in area parks.

ARTWORK HUNTING! All artwork will be hidden in plain sight within Jamestown’s public parks. Visual clues (photographs) to the artwork hiding places will be posted on this blog, on Facebook, and on the Jamestown Sun website this weekend (July 21-22). First clues: 10 am Saturday, Second clues: 3 pm Saturday, Third clues 10 am Sunday, Final (and most obvious) clues 3 pm Sunday.

FOUND AN ARTWORK? Make sure to report your found artwork! Report it here: info@jamestownarts.com and visit The Art Center to claim an additional prize. On the hunt send in pictures of yourself on the hunt and/or with your found artwork. Send all pictures to: info@Jamestownarts.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All art is hidden in plain sight: meaning you will not need to dig, destroy or move anything to find the art. There is a limit of one artwork per family. You are welcome to try and find them all, but please only take one!  This will help everyone enjoy the hunt. Also, there will be multiple clues per day!