A Family Affair – Woiwode Book Signing

Its increasingly evident that creativity runs in families.  I see it in the arts, particularly the visual, musical and literary arts.   Its really wonderful to see how the family’s art changes from generation to generation. Sometimes there are subtle stylistic links and other times the younger generation is completely reactionary.  This week we see this manifested in the writings from the Woiwode family.

On Thursday, April 18 Larry Woiwode and his daughter Laurel will present their new books in the Unruh-Sheldon Lobby of Jamestown College at 7:30 pm. Larry is a award-winning North Dakota writer and has been the state’s Poet Laureate since 1995. This book signing launches Laurel’s first book titled Past Darkness, a moving story of the importance of family, the power of music, the need for a companionable relationship, and the ever-present working of mercy. Larry will debut his newest book Words for Readers and Writers, a collection of essays that will help others grasp the foundational importance of writing and be more intentional about how they use words to express emotions, desires and beliefs.

Stop by the Arts Center’s lobby to get a preview of the books and pick up a promotional postcard. Both books are available at Amazon.com.

If you know of families of “artists” please tell me about them by comment or email sjeppson@jamestownarts.com.

Synopsis given here courtesy of books’ promotional materials.