Join Me Super Bowl Sunday And Travel To A Distant Land

I’m excited about an event happening on Sunday and no, its not the SUPER BOWL. But, never fear, you won’t miss the game since this event happens at 1:00 pm and you’ll have plenty of time to get home. (I’ll be watching–after all its the San Francisco 49er’s and I’m proud to say “you can take the girl outta California but you cannot take the “California” outta the girl” plus I can’t wait for the commercials).

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post…The Arts Center’s current exhibit is called Literacy Without Borders which is a collection of photographs and stories compiled by Bismarck teacher Pam Rettig. Its a documentary look at the lives of people in Nigeria and Tanzania that Rettig met while helping develop a literacy program. It gives us a glimpse at a life so foreign to many of us in North Dakota.

It reminds me how appreciative we should be of the opportunities afforded us in the United States and equally appreciative of individuals and organizations that try to help broaden opportunities for people around the world.  In this case, the International Reading Association, the World Bank, Unesco, North Dakota Reading Association and even our local Prairie Reading Council.

Jamestown’s local Prairie Reading Council was instrumental in funding Nigeria’s first book mobile which is pictured here.

Rettig will be at The Arts Center this Sunday (Feb 3) at 1:00 pm to share stories of her travels. She is enthusiastic about her projects and is bursting with delightful stories.

I encourage families to attend. When I was a  youngster my parents took (dragged) me to the local arts center for a monthly series of narrated travel films. Once I got there, I settled in to the stories and marveled at the planet’s many varied peoples and landscapes. The experience transformed me and fueled my appreciation of other cultures and an interest in travel. It opened my young eyes to the wonders of the world and eventually led to my degrees in Anthropology and Art History, which ultimately led to my work in Museums and galleries.  I can’t say that you or your children will take a similar path but I do recommend taking advantage of this FREE program because its something meaningful, different and interesting.

So join me to broaden your horizons and travel to a distant land–a good thing for all of us and counterpoint to your evening of football and not-so-healthy, but wonderful, Super Bowl snacks.