Looking For A Writers Group?

Last week I mentioned the many ways you can get involved at The Arts Center. One of the mentioned programs was a Writer’s Group. We are looking for core group of people to initiate the group. Are you a writer that would like to help others get started? Are you a writer that needs a sounding board? Do you want to be a blogger? Or do you want to write a novel? Do you need encouragement or do you need inspiration? Writer’s groups have the potential to solve many of these needs.

The group will meet at the Arts Center. Make it a fun event–perhaps there’s a monthly program, a guest writer one month, a reading, a writing challenge or a critique the next month–anything is possible.

Good writing is ART





Like these quotes? These were two of my favorites. They come from an Oprah list, 12 Pieces of Advice From the World’s Best Writers.

The Writer’s Group could go many directions–its up to the participants to make it their own. If you would like to get involved please COMMENT on this blog or email sjeppson@jamestownarts.com.

Here are a few blogs that are recommended for people interested in writing. The list was just announced today by the site called writetodone • unmissable articles on writing.

Jeff Goins Writer

Positive Writer

Make a Living Writing

The Write Practice

Live Write Thrive

Moody Writing (this one takes awhile to load)

The Romance University

The Renegade Writer

The Writers [Inner] Journey

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  1. Katie Ryan-Anderson

    I’m interested (although super tardy!). Did you ever create this group? Is it open to new members?

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