Finding New Friends

Tis’ the season for get-togethers so maybe, lately, you’ve had lots of personal connections. Likely, if you live where you grew up you’ve spent the last few weeks surrounded by family and friends and sharing and enjoying the company of others. Maybe you connected with old friends who make the annual pilgrimage home-for-the holidays. If this is the case–wonderful!

For many people the Holidays can be just the opposite and we are frustrated by the inability to be with family or visit with old friends. For whatever reason, we are unable to connect FACE to FACE–maybe we live too far away, maybe we don’t have vacation, maybe we’ve lost loved ones or maybe we’re just too caught up in our jobs or commitments.

Lots of folks use Facebook or Facetime or Skype to connect, but its not the same as being in the same space and having a conversation or sharing in some activity. Yes, maybe you have 200 Facebook friends but do you really have friends? I’m one of those transplanted people who lives far from old friends and family and this time of year I miss them, I want the personal connection, the shared experiences and common bonds. Sadly, these feelings of isolation and “outsider” syndrome are often of our own making. Its really up to each and everyone of us to make new friends, new connections and new memories.

You are probably wondering–isn’t this the Arts Center blog? What is Sally going on about today? Well, its my long winded way to let people know that if they are feeling a little isolated these days then The Arts Center is the place to find a cure. And here are a few reasons:

  • The Arts Center is a welcoming place, my coworkers are the best (Taylor, Angela and Jessica, Bonnie and Molly) are filled with creative ideas, they are pleasant and fun and they want to get to know you.
  • The Arts Center needs people (like you and me) to do their good work. This means you can get involved right away and your volunteer help will be appreciated.
  • The Arts Center has classes where you can meet people and connect.
  • The Arts Center has some new groups (called interest-based gatherings) that happen weekly or monthly depending on the activity. I’d liken these groups to a Club. There is an active Woodcarving Group, a recently formed Photography group and coming soon a Writers Group. These gatherings are free, casual and open to anyone.
  • Artful Happy Hour occurs every month on the 2nd Tuesday. Meet new folks–bring a beverage of your choice and join up to make some funky art projects.
  • Get fit with friends surrounded by art on Saturdays, 8:30-9:30 for a unique yoga experience  in the Arts Center Gallery. Yoga class meets every other Saturday. For additional information contact Sherry Schutt 701-320-3038. The first class will meet is January 5.

Want more information about any of these programs or getting involved at The Arts Center? Just email or call 701-251-2496.