What Matters?

I’m feeling at a loss for words– overwhelmed with news of fiscal cliffs, wars and unspeakable tragedy. How can our world be so messed up and what role can the arts play in making things better?

Via a Christmas message, a friend shared some aspirations tacked to her refrigerator. There were the usual ones that addressed healthy living and financial responsibility but there were three items on the list that stood out:

to care • to connect • to commit

In my opinion, the arts (or arts programming) can make a impact in these areas. As an organization, The Arts Center cares about the community. Our youngsters are sheltered and encouraged in the Arts after School program during that crucial time gap between school and home time. Our seniors are stimulated and engaged in the Art for Life Program. Adults gain confidence and join socially through our programs.

We provide the means for people to connect, through classes, social events and interest based gatherings. People desperately look for ways to connect with others and its not always easy. How do we really connect? Sports, partying, clubs, church–why not the Arts Center? You can meet people, laugh and have fun while learning, creating or experiencing something.

We are committed to making a difference in the community. Not all programs are self sustaining but we continue to do them because they are important. We are committed to growing with the community and adapting to its needs. Efforts at continued institutional development insure that we are committed to evolving through innovation and learning to better serve the community.

As we close out 2012, and prepare for the upcoming new year, remember to think about these three words, care, connect and commit– 3Cs–perhaps if we applied these goals to our lives and our work, maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.