The Power Of Art

A high school classmate shared this video on Facebook and I wanted to pass it on with these words written by author Jeff Goins that seemed apropos.

“Art allows us to see the invisible, to call forth light in a world shrouded in darkness. It speaks to that most real part of ourselves we’ve forgotten. It transcends circumstance and gives perspective.

We can’t face great art and not be changed. And the world most definitely needs to change — for the better. What will do the job?

  • Politics won’t do it. Laws and regulations aren’t enough to transform human hearts.
  • Business won’t do it. Economic success doesn’t translate to happiness and wholeness. (We should know this by now.)
  • Science won’t do it. Human progress describes how something works, not why it works.

None of these will work. Neither will intellectualism or sheer brute force. All these may be good for something. But they are not enough to change the world.

We need something more than an explanation or equation. We need to be restored. And only art can do that.”

Go to to read Goins’ full blog post called Great Art is Transcendent. Jeff Goins is the author of the book Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life.