From The Sands Of Morocco To The Streets Of Chicago To The Community Of Jamestown

Film Maker Hakim Belabbes

This is the journey of film maker Hakim Bellabes who comes to Jamestown next week for the 2nd residency of the Caravanserai Program His visit is short and I want to make sure people know that this is a very special chance to meet an internationally recognized film artist, not to mention experience a unique view of Morocco.

Two Public Film Screenings in Jamestown      Sunday, November 11 at 5:00 pm – FREE EVENT
Film screening followed by dinner at The Arts Center
RSVP required: 251-2496 or

Monday, November 12 at 7:00 pm – FREE EVENT
Film screening at Jamestown College       (Westminter/Nafus Hall Level 2)

The two films that will be screened are A Nest in the Heat and Whispers.  I’ve included the YouTube versions of the films here, but I highly recommend coming to see the actual films screenings and meet the film maker in person–how often do we get such an rare opportunity?

A Nest in the Heat is a personal and challenging look at issues of separation, independence, and return that chronicles the filmmaker’s journey from his home in Chicago to visit his family and hometown of Boujad. The film explores the domestic spaces and religious rituals of intra-family relationships, especially when compounded by one member’s break with traditional values. The documentary film is a self-reflective portrait of Hakim Belabbes’ relationship with his family and his hometown of Boujad. Exploring the tensions between the desire for independence and the need for validation, Belabbes struggles to leave the place that is simultaneously driving him away and pulling him back. He shares an intimate family portrait that is both heartwarming and painfully honest. (40 min)

Whispers follows a man’s obsessive search for his lost childhood through the dark alleyways and desolate cemeteries of Hakim Belabbes’s Moroccan hometown. Whispers is a narrative film, rather than being propelled by dialogue, the film presents representations of dreams. Caught between chasing his past and accepting his impending end, a man follows his memories through the streets of Boujad. (15 min)

Hakim’s hometown, Boujad is is a small city in central Morocco the verge of the Atlas Mountains. The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The town is the setting for both films giving us a peek of exotic Moroccan architecture characterized by hand painted tile walls, narrow streets, archways, robed pedestrians and even a glimpse of spirited desert horses.

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