Thank You Jamestown

Last week’s visit of Moroccan artists (the Majid Bekkas Gnawa Ensemble with Brahim Fribgane) was an unbelievable experience for the people that participated and by all accounts a great success–success only made possible with the assistance and support of many Jamestown people and institutions.

Majid Bekkas Gnawa Ensemble with Brahim Fribgane at Thursday evening’s public performance at Jamestown High School

The Arts Center would like to Thank…

  • Partner Organizations  who opened their doors and let the artists into their institutions and classrooms
    • Jamestown Public Schools
    • Jamestown College
    • Anne Carlsen Center
    • Temple Baptist Church
    • Jamestown Rotary Club
  • Businesses
    • R.M. Stoudts (provided transportation for the group)
  • Individuals
    • Cheryl McIntyre (Jamestown High School) for Technical Assistance
    • Ken Aune (Jamestown Middle School)
    • Eric Monson (Anne Carlson)
    • Ben Schneider (Jamestown College)
    • Bob Richardson for being a wonderful chauffeur
    • Randy Jaspers for organizing the luncheon with Jamestown Ministerial Association
    • Dianne Satrom for preparing a wonderful Sicilian lunch
    • Quincy Backen for setting up lunch the Rotarians and Governor Dalrymple
    • Kenny Gilbertson for technical equipment and set up
  • Funders
    • North Dakota Council on the Arts
    • Buffalo City Tourism
    • Arts Midwest
    • Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art
    • Robert Sterling Clark Foundation
    • Association for Performing Arts Presenters