Arts Center Joins Community Block Party

What fun to see Jamestown’s main street alive with people of all ages.  They called it a community block party and that’s exactly what if felt like. I’m wondering how we can get this kind of energy and enthusiasm on a regular basis.

Here are some pictures of The Arts Center’s booth (two pottery wheels were set up for anyone to try). We had all ages and kids waiting 5 deep in line!  I even had to jump in and get my hands “muddy”. I forgot how fun it is to feel the clay whipping through your fingers and how its not so easy to have any success–you need patience, strength and optimalism** to be a good potter.   The mantra was “Wow, this is a lot harder than it looks!”

Thanks to Jamestown College students who helped us move equipment. You were terrific!

I learned a new word – optimalism** Optimalists accept failures and also learn from them, which encourages further pursuit of achievement.