Does The Landscape Inspire You? Be Part Of The Arts Center’s Opening Exhibit

Does the landscape inspire you? In particular, the Coteau? The Prairie?

How does it make you feel? How does the North Dakota landscape, environment, history, etc. affect your work? What impresses you, concerns you, moves you about the land?

These are questions posed to artists who will be part of the Arts Center’s reopening exhibition, Capture the Coteau (opens May 5, 2012). The coteau and prairies of North Dakota have a way of speaking to those who listen, and artists are good listeners. The artwork included in the upcoming exhibit, whether painting, print, photograph or prose, speaks to the region–either figuratively or symbolically. Through the eyes of artists and writers and perhaps even YOU, the exhibit will explore the region that the Arts Center community calls home.

If you happen to read this blog–I’d like to hear from you. What are your thoughts about our landscape? Has it inspired you? Perhaps you’ve written a poem, taken a picture, gathered a “treasure” or found something that provided you a personal connection with the land. Please share by COMMENTING HERE or better yet, you can be part the exhibit by contributing  something (an found object, a written statement or anything else) that embodies the essence/spirit what our landscape means to you. Contributions will be accepted and displayed throughout the exhibit. At the exhibit’s close a digital catalog will compile and document all aspects of the Coteau project.

Selected artwork from the upcoming Capture the Coteau exhibition. Artists (clockwise starting in upper left): Jessica Christy, Molly McLain, Sherry Short and Anna Meidinger.

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