Art In All Places – Jamestown Regional Medical Center

This morning I had the opportunity to visit the Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC). Not as a patient but as an art enthusiast. I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to see the new facility. So why stop in now?

JRMC has asked the The Arts Center help with a changing artist gallery. It will be located in the corridor between the JRMC and the future Essentia Health Clinic. This gallery will showcase different artists’ work and rotate every few months. The changing space will complement the collection of artwork already displayed throughout the facility.

It was a treat to tour the facility and recognize many regional artists. There were also some that I didn’t recognize but I was impressed with the selections. Yes, there are a few commercial looking photographs but there were more than enough standouts to make a visit to the hospital a cultural outing.

The JRMC building itself is beautiful with clean lines, superb color scheme and nice design touches that are appropriate and evoke the regional landscape and celebrate its beauty. I was impressed.

Last September I spent a lot of time in the Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas. I sat there 15 days with an elderly parent in ICU.  That facility was relatively new, and like JRMC architecturally beautiful with sweeping curves and soft colors and stones of the Nevada desert (its home environment).  There, the walls were punctuated with beautiful, large photographs of the desert, it’s flora, fauna and geology.  The photographs served a purpose–they brought the outside in and gave respite for the mind. I was comforted by the art present around me.

I’m glad the JRMC Board had the foresight to take the extra steps to utilize original art. This enriches the cultural fabric of the Jamestown community/region while it also supports artists, and provides a counterpoint for visitors and patients who visit the facility.  After all, nobody likes going to the hospital – the visual (and intellectual) experience of viewing the art makes it much more palatable. The Arts Center looks forward to helping JRMC with the rotating artist gallery.  We hope it can be up and running sometime in late May.