Volunteers – They Can’t Be Thanked Enough

Marylin Salting of Jamestown preparing materials for a class project. Marylin helps the Arts Center very week.

The Arts Center is supported in many ways; grants, membership dollars, sponsorships, and donations but there are also the people who put in countless hours to help the organization operate. There are perennial volunteers which come every week, there are college students who come to satisfy credit requirements or to gain experience, there are special project volunteers who make events like this week’s Annual Gala successful.

Artist, Deane Fay of Gackle designed and built the movable gallery walls for the new Arts Center Gallery.

There is always a need for more volunteers.  Perhaps you have expertise in an art form and would like to teach a class, perhaps you are a carpenter and would like to help with building projects, maybe you like gardening and can help with the Art Park.  The Arts Center can always use your help! Needs will increase this spring as we prepare to move into the renovated facility. Moving, sorting, and cleaning will make the process so much more manageable with lots of helpers. If you like to organize people…we could also use help with volunteer coordination.  Just call 701-251-2496 to get involved.

Volunteers don’t just do the work ~ they make it work.
-Carol Pettit

To all the Arts Center Volunteers…THANK YOU! Your ongoing help makes the Arts Center a success!