Great Family Fun For Weekend!

Artist William Hessian, aka Mr. Billy, perennial favorite, resident artist with Jamestown kids launches another mini Buffalo Hunt. Here are the details…

What: Buffalo Art Hunt
Who: Free to the Public
Where: Public Parks of Jamestown, North Dakota
When: Starts July 2nd, 8am Saturday and ends Sunday July 3rd when all artwork has been found (ONLY TWO DAYS!)

The Buffalo Art Hunt challenges the people of Jamestown to spend their weekend searching for original miniature works of art hidden in the public parks. This year’s Buffalo Hunt features the Faces of Community Arts Partners who work with the Arts Center to bring a rich array of arts experiences to the community. This year’s hunt can be a search for a Face or for the buffalo – either way, you end up with an original piece of art! These paintings will be “hidden in plain sight” around the community with photograph hints posted every few hours at

The buffalos together for the last time.

Click here for Clues.