Culture Builds Community

For this first post in The Arts Center’s new blog, Culture Builds Community, I thought I’d do a little web research–why not…so, I “Google” the phrase and it returns about 14,800,000 results. I’m not surprised. Culture/Community/Building are all popular buzz words that are loaded with meaning, content and potential. Just the act of living one’s life creates Culture and the combining of these (in geographic space or cyber space) creates Communities.

The Arts Center is undergoing a physical transformation with its facility renovation and we’ve upgraded our promotional materials to better communicate what we do. We added the Culture Builds Community tag line to all our marketing materials because it seemed to embody all that we do. We are a community organization and everything we do reflects culture in some way. For The Arts Center, Culture embodies the notions of excellence in arts and humanities. We share the works established artists, emerging artists, traditional artists and young artists in all disciplines from painting to poetry, theatre to dance, and everything in between. We not only share arts but we also teach arts. All our varied programming requires a great deal of planning, coordination and collaboration with organizations and individuals from Jamestown, ND but also many others throughout the region. These collaborators are great assets that allow our small arts center to bring successful, meaningful programs to our area.

This blog will share weekly aspects and aspirations of The Arts Center’s Culture Builds Community Story. It will highlight art, artists, volunteers, programs and activities to show how powerful the arts can be in building and strengthening our communities.

“Culture is the process by which a person becomes all that they were created capable of being.” Thomas Carlyle (Scottish Philosopher)

We welcome comment and look forward to feedback from our readers. Let the fun begin!