Like Quilting? Have Lunch – Meet the Artists

The current exhibit in The Arts Center’s gallery is titled Land, Sky, Water. The artwork provides a look at new and different ways to approach textile art-combining quilting, fiber and found objects. There is hand sewing, machine sewing and embroidery combined in each piece. The colors are vibrant and the textures are rich. The pieces emerge from many collaborative hours between two artists, Donna Kjonaas and Vicky Kessler.

Read more in the Jamestown Sun article.

Tomorrow, August 21 at NOON the Arts Center is hosting a lunch and an opportunity to meet these two artists.

The lunch is free – sponsored by Jamestown quilt shop, Comforts of Home. Call the Arts Center immediately, 701-251-2496 to RSVP if you would like to have lunch with the artists. Everyone is welcome and Sally’s making Curried Chicken Salad.

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager Sally Jeppson.  She would love to hear your comments here or email



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CALL FOR ENTRY – The Arts Center’s 50th Annual Art Show


We are hoping you participate in our upcoming JFAA Annual Exhibit. It’s that time again and the deadline is fast approaching (Aug 18 but we’ll fudge a little). This year is particularly special as its the JFAA Annual’s 50th year. It is a grand feat for a small town art show to survive 50 years. While participation has ebbed and flowed over the years, it continues to be a favorite exhibition for the Jamestown community. To celebrate this milestone we asking for “tons” of artists to participate.

The details can be found in the prospectus but briefly …

Any artist (professional, amateur, or youth) can enter the exhibit and submit up to three pieces. All mediums will be accepted. Every artwork will be displayed if it meets a few basic rules (must be framed and wired, stable and safe–the important specifics are outlined in the attached prospectus).  Once displayed, the artwork will be juried for prizes. This year’s juror is Linda Whitney, premiere printmaker and artist from Valley City.

Click here to download registration pack: 50th Annual Registration Pack

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY – To celebrate the 50th we are asking all artists to create and donate a small piece to be part of the opening preview event. Artists will receive a high-quality piece of artist paper (8 x 8) and are asked to transform it into something wonderful–it could be a collage, drawing, painting, print or whatever inspires them. Artists can also manipulate the paper by folding, attaching things to it and changing it to create a 3-D piece. The exhibit preview on September 12th will be a ticketed event where attendees will receive one of these commemorative pieces in a random drawing.

All Artists are invited to attend this event and can bring a guest.  There is no charge for artists to attend the preview, but if your want to participate in the commemorative artwork drawing you will have to purchase a ticket. Tickets are $10.

Any artist can create a piece for this event – even if they do not want to enter the Annual exhibit - tell your friends. But those artists who are entering the show will have their entry fee waived if they agree to create a donated piece.

Please call 701-251-2496 or email if you would like to receive paper to create a 50th commemorative artwork and we’ll mail it out right away. Please be sure to send your mailing address. If you don’t want to wait for your paper, and prefer to select your own, that is ok, but please stick with the 8 x 8” size and please let me know if you are planning on participating.

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager Sally Jeppson.  She would love to hear your comments here or email

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Art Hunt Recap

What fun! After making a visual investigation we can say with confidence that all the mini-artworks have been found. There were three unaccounted for (grey, orange and pink) and the “finders” have not come forward but the Llamas have been taken from their hiding places. If you have found one of these three llamas we would like to hear from you–just to document your success!

We would like to thank Guillermo Guardia “Memo” for creating the mini-sculpted llamas and William Hessian “Mr. Billy” for originating the Art Hunt concept here in Jamestown.

Special thanks also to Angela Martini for hiding the llamas, taking the photographs and managing the hunt. Its a lot of extra work and logistics to make a successful hunt but the popularity and the enjoyment generated by this annual event makes it well worth it.

What I love about the Art Hunt…its great for all ages, a terrific family activity, it gets everybody excited about art, it brings out our inner child, it gets us outdoors and off the couch, it builds awareness about Jamestown area parks, and brings awareness about The Arts Center to those who might not know what we do. It is a great “Culture Builds Community” program.

Introducing the happy hunters and proud owners of miniature Guillermo Guardia llama sculptures:

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager Sally Jeppson.  She would love to hear your comments here or email

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Art Hunt Clue Set #4

Still 3 mini artworks waiting to be found.

Here is the final set of clues.

Art Hunt Clue #4

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Art Hunt Clue Set #3

Only 3 mini art pieces remain: Orange, Pink and Yellow!

Here is the 3rd set of clues.

Art Hunt Clue #3

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Art Hunt 2nd Clue Set

Wow, there have been lots of mini artworks found already!

Here is the second set of clues. Those that have been found are indicated.

Art Hunt Clue #2

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Let the Art Hunt Begin!

Here is the 1st set of clues for the Mini Art Hunt.

Remember all mini art pieces are hidden in plain sight – no need to dig or move anything to find them.  All will be found in Jamestown’s parks.

If you find a mini art piece please email so we can mark it as found.

Good Luck! At 3:00pm the second set of clues will be released.

Art Hunt Clues #1

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Seeking Participants – Artists, Local Farmers and People to Enjoy the Fun!

On July 26 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm The Arts Center will host this summer’s 2nd Art in the Park event–the focus–Local Arts and Foods. I’m so excited about this theme, it is near and dear to my heart. I can think of no better pairing of my most favorite things.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed visiting farmers markets while living in California and more recently I’ve enjoyed summers of Art in the Park events in nearby Gackle, ND and also here in Jamestown.  My favorite farmers markets (and likewise park events) include not only fresh, locally grown and produced foods but recipes, unique crafts and wonderful music.

Here in Jamestown we have a small, but good, farmers market.  I hope you can visit it often to enjoy healthy, fresh food and also help support our local, small farmers. In case you don’t know about the market…it occurs in the Jamestown Civic Center parking lot on Wednesday evenings starting at 5:00 pm and Saturday mornings at 9:00 am.

The event on the 26th will be more sensory, social, educational and festival-like. We plan to close the street between the Art Park and The Arts Center–food vendors, demonstration tables, artists, and organizations will be scattered throughout the park. The afternoon will culminate with the Jamestown Chamber’s Chef’s Challenge. (Contestants must create a dish from provided local ingredients.) If you want to know more about the Chef’s Challenge please contact Lisa Hicks at Jamestown  Chamber of Commerce at 701-252-4830.

If you want to participate as an artist (visual or musical), or if you want to sell your produce, canned goods or flowers you should contact me, Sally Jeppson at 701-251-2496 or email I would also like to hear from anyone willing to volunteer their help during the event.

We hope to make the event on the 26th an annual occurrence, and perhaps as the city evolves, this model of festival farmers market can become a more frequent occurrence. This year’s event is supported by Jamestown  Chamber of Commerce and Jamestown Tourism.

I hope I have something to share from my garden…right now its a bounty of baby squash and multicolored peas…July will be herbs, beans, currants, gooseberries and lots of other options. If we could only have some hot summer nights to get those wonderful ruby red, orange and yellow tomatoes, the jewels of summer, to grow big and strong.

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager and Art For Life Coordinator Sally Jeppson.  She would love to hear your comments here or email


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Horseradish, Sauerkraut and Playing the Bones

The summer’s first “art in the park” became “art in the gallery” due to the soggy conditions and wind but that didn’t stop people from attending Saturday’s event. The turn out was terrific! Every time I looked around I saw another familiar face, neighbors and friends. And most people came and stayed almost the entire 4 hrs, it was amazing. The event explored Germans from Russia traditions. GFR desendants are an important part of our community’s cultural fabric and this was an opportunity to gather and share.

Being forced inside worked to our advantage, comfortable seating, no bugs, no wind, good sound and a “closeness” that made it feel especially festive. I’m not sure what got everyone to attend, maybe it was the ever-popular food provided by the James River Chapter of the Germans from Russia, cultural familiarity or the opportunity to have something different to do on a blustery day but I was happy lots of folks turned out.

Processing the roots.








I had a great time. I was particularly interested in the horseradish demo conducted by Thomas Boerger & Jerry Braun. I found them literally by accident, someone overheard me looking for horseradish root and mentioned that these two guys made the BEST horseradish and that I should call them. Turns out the roots are only harvested in the fall but they are available on-line from J.R. Kelly Company, The Horseradish House, located in the Horseradish Capitol of the World, Collinsville, Ill. Thomas and Jerry came through for us and the result was terrific. Many people went home with a sample. If you plan to try this at home make sure you do it outside or in a very well ventilated location as the fumes will literally burn your eyes and lungs – its powerful medicine, good food and good for you.

Another highlight for me was the Sauerkraut Making Demo. I ordered a case of cabbages thinking that would be just the right amount…opps! It was a little overkill. Using a recipe that makes kraut in a mason jar we found that about one cabbage fits in a quart jar depending on the size. I also found out right away that this activity is not for the weak –its a great upper body exercise having to smash that shredded cabbage into the jar. I’m glad I was doing the shredding and not the smashing. But I got my chance and ended up taking nine cabbages home and was able to do my own smashing & mashing.  They are now fermenting in a crock on my kitchen counter. I’ll let you know how that goes…and I now have an even greater respect for all those finished jars sitting in my neighbors root cellars and pantries.

I also learned about “spoons” or “bones.” The bones are a musical instrument (more specifically, a folk instrument) which, at the simplest, consists of a pair of animal  bones, or pieces of wood or a similar material. My neighbor Harlin brought his bones (made of ebony and belonging to his grandfather) and stepped in to perform with the scheduled accordion players. Through his almost indiscernible hand movements the tapping of the bones created a wide variety of percussive sounds which added to the performances.

This is the first of three days this summer where we will gather in the Art Park (weather permitting) to share in the Arts. July 26 is the next gathering – it will be a farmers market-like atmosphere with sales of fresh, locally grown and produced foods and the sharing of recipes, unique crafts and wonderful music. The afternoon will culminate with the Jamestown Chamber’s Chef’s Challenge. Contestants must create a dish from provided local ingredients. If you are interested in participating as an artist or sharing your produce please use my contact information below.

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager and Art For Life Coordinator Sally Jeppson.  She would love to hear your comments here or email 

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Sharing the Joy

Last week we finished up Clay in May, an Art for Life activity, that took place at Jamestown’s Heritage Centre. During three sessions, local ceramic artist Bill Nybo worked with residents to create clay “flower pockets.” I dreamed up this project last winter when I was wishing for spring flowers and warming trends.  It was a great project because it had many steps and multiple days. Everyone, including myself, looked forward with anticipation to the transformation of the art pieces with each firing, glazing and retiring. The finished projects were amazing! Some were traditional and some very sculptural.

It was so much fun we are already thinking about the next project. Here’s a look at the process and some of the finished projects.

The Art For Life programs are made possible with a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts. This on-going program allows The Arts Center to share art and artists with residents of Jamestown’s Ave Maria Village and Heritage Centre.

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager and Art For Life Coordinator Sally Jeppson.  She would love to hear your comments here or email

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